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Nuptian Wordish 2: Bridezooky

Bridezooky, yet another figment of my imagination: The Bridezilla thing is everywhere. Straight single men even know about it. I hate reality television for exactly this sort of thing: When I'm talking about the wedding at all*, and I get to the part where shit goes awry--which is inevitable, because I usually don't tell stories wherein shit stays straight--quite often someone cracks a Bridezilla joke. And I don't know what to do.

I don't feel like Bridezilla. Maybe it's because Bean and I made a deal, way back when in 1813 or whenever the hell we got engaged, that I would do exactly as much work as he did on this thing. His initial response was, "But I'm so LAZY." I replied: "Then I guess we'll be having our wedding at McDonalds, because I'm lazy, too." So I've had tremendous help from him, and from a dozen or more other superfriends who are doing amazing things for us for cheap or free, with nary a complaint thus far. It's a little overwhelming right now, for sure, but it's still pretty fun.

So a few weeks ago, I christened myself Bridezooky. I thought Godzooky was the name of Godzilla's adopted son in the Japanese movies, but it turns out that character's name is actually Minya; Godzooky was some annoying little guy in an American cartoon series. But "Brideya" wouldn't make for a very fun Wordish, now, would it?

Peter Jacoby asked me today what kind of noise Bridezooky makes. I sent him this in response:

*Which I was reluctant to do in public up until about a month ago, when it started to overwhelm me completely and I had no earthly choice. Prior to that, I would only speak of it to close friends, in hushed tones like people sometimes do when they talk about cancer.


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