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fuck y'all

Allay'all, colloquial contraction  of my own coinage: Who knew? Yesterday I accidentally coined a phrase. I mean, I guess that's the point of this blog, but, as folks who have read Wordish before know, some of these entries are jacked from other people, who have often, in turn, jacked them from other cultures. And when I do think I've made something up, usually, over the course of writing an entry, I open a browser tab, fire up the Google, and discover that I'm just the latest in the long line of word-murderers to have come and coined before me. But yesterday, when I updated my Facebook status to "making beer," the following "conversation" ensued:

Wordish is making beer.

Patricia Massari likes this.

Jay Yamada at 5:58pm May 2

Tei Gundolfi at 6:07pm May 2
Do I get to come over for the tasting when it's done?

Tallulah Mae at 6:11pm May 2

Jen Loy at 7:14pm May 2
when are you scheduling the tasting?

Wordish at 7:27pm May 2
All you gotta do it throw a barbecue or a party to get a taste... that's why we make it, so we don't have to buy chips and salsa to bring to allay'all's houses.

Beth Sandefur at 9:09pm May 2
allay'all never seen it written out quite that way. made me smile

Michael Henning at 2:41am May 3
why are you making beer when you could be making... wait for it now.... MONEY (the fabric of money?)

or hey, even paste would be acceptable!

and wow, perhaps you are the originator of allay'all as a hybrid word... have you googled it yet?

Why, no, Michael*, I hadn't Googled it. And then I did. And couldn't find it! Hooray! This seems strange to me...people SAY "allay'all" all the time. But perhaps when they write it out, they try to gussy it up with "of" or some such unnecessary nonsense.

When I first moved to the south, I resisted saying "y'all" for at least a year. When it finally burst from my Long Island-born lips, it was accompanied by the most wonderful feeling of release and acceptance. For surely "y'all" is proper poetry compared to "youse," which is, of course, indigenous to my upbringing.** And the near-palindromic nature of "allay'all" amps up and highlights the much-maligned contraction even further. And when you add the apostrophe-s and make it into "allay'all's," somehow it starts to look like it wants to rhyme with "alley-oop."

Funnily enough, I once had a discussion with Michael—whose comment above prompted my Googling—wherein I chose to defend my potty-mouth by exalting the colorful and useful nature of the word "fuck." Now, as back then, I wonder why I should limit my word arsenal to what is polite? Sometimes no other wod but "fuck"—or "y'all'—will do.

And so I present "allay'all" to you...please write it with impunity...and much pleasure.

*Just ignore the rest of his comment... it's quite funny to me, but probably not to anyone else (except for him, of course).
**I understand that in the Pittsburgh area there is "yinz," but I can't prove this without hitting Google yet again, and I'd rather not press my luck over there.


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May. 4th, 2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
Maybe it's a regional thing?
Alternate spelling:

May. 4th, 2009 06:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Maybe it's a regional thing?
Okay, that last link sends you to the Wikipedia entry for the letter Y. An interesting read, but I meant to send you here.
May. 4th, 2009 07:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Maybe it's a regional thing?
All y'all is clumsy, unless you really put the emphasis on the first word. Like, "ALL y'all need to settle down and listen to my opinion on the Platonic ideal."
May. 5th, 2009 04:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Maybe it's a regional thing?
i think callahan makes all y'all sound graceful when he repeats:
and fuck all y'all!

course, in the first iteration he says "and a fuck all y'all," but he's presenting the phrase as an object to throw into the well, which calls for the article "a."

and yep, there's a yinz in pittsburgh, and the nearest equiv usage to all y'all (or allaya'll) is yinz guys. kinda like the way you can say y'all or all ya'll as a matter of speech rhythm preference, you can say yinz or yinz guys in the burgh. but check with the skirb if you want a more definitive word on that.
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