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signed of life

Yeah, it's been a while... I've been focused on my day job and on the comic series, and it took me more months than expected to recover from Bali. I'm  not sure if Wordish will get back to being its regularly update, definitionary self any time soon, but I do know that I have something to tell you all right now:

I have organized my bookcase.

This is highly significant. My bookcase is over six feet high and somewhere between three and four feet wide. And when I moved out of the Plymouth Rock House back in August of ought-seven, I packed my books in size order (for easy packing) instead of my usual shelf order (for easy unpacking). The result? Packing was easier,  but organizing never happened---the books sat on the shelves to the left of my desk, unworried by any order any longer, taunting me with their disarray for over a yearf and a half. Smug, inanimate bastards. But no longer! Today, on this, the last day of my two-week oliday break from my parent company, I have finally accomplished the seemingly unaccomplishable. There are rebooted sections for fiction (now with short stories mixed in!); poetry; reference and writing books; comics (now on a prominent top shelf all their own!); biograph\ies and memoirs; music and movies and media; lit journals and zines; feminism, travel, and miscellaneous spirituality; and a miscellaneous bottom shelf featuring activities, kids' books, financial guides, and what-have-I.


I have a paper grocery bag full of discards, a small pile of books to return to their rightful owners, lend to folks who have asked, and give as gifts.

I have marked about a dozen books "to read" with slips of origami paper.

And I have discovered that I have a very strange collection of autographed books:
Satan Says by Sharon Olds
Dreamtoons by Jesse Reklaw
Rat Catching by Crispin Hellion Glover
The Sun Would Shine on His Nose No More by my old pal Aaron Lepley
Love and Rockets Vol. 2, Number 5 autographed by Xaime/Jaime Hernandez

I also have first-edition copies of Brautigan's The Pill Vs. The Spring Hill Mine Disaster and Shaft (yes, there was a novel first), although neither are in mint condition. But the most important thing is that, along with the desk cleaning I did Friday, I now have an office that does not terrify me.


Jan. 5th, 2009 09:28 am (UTC)
Right on. Sounds satisfying!


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